Unlocking Your Sprint iOS Device

It is always convenient to purchase your phone or tablet from a carrier, but they have their own drawbacks. This is because most of the carriers, lock their 4G networks, forcing you to use only your iPhones which works only with their networks.

Is it necessary to unlock sprint iPhone?

Unlike any other wireless networks having the most straightforward policy for unlocking, sprint phones are always confusing. If you’ve purchased iphone 7 plus sprint unlock, it automatically unlocks your ios phones, especially in the United States that is for domestic purposes. In such a case, the unlock is applied automatically, and there is no need to contact the customer support or request for an unlock. However, if you’ve purchased before that, then this unlock process does not happen automatically, and you will be notified as to when your phone will be unlocked, before which you have to initiate an unlock request. The domestic and international unlocks are done separately, and both follow different procedures, which adds to the tedious process.

How to unlock sprint ios device

Before you unlock your sprint phone, even for domestic use, you need to be eligible for fulfilling certain criteria

  • The device citations a domestic SIM
  • The device should have an active sprint newer lasting at least for 50 days
  • Any associated agreement should be fulfilled
  • The account associated with it is in good standing
  • The device should not be under the criminal report of lost or stolen category.
  • Unlocking for international use also have some similar criteria that should be fulfilled.
  • The device should be capable of unlocking an international SIM.
  • The person requesting for unlocking should be an account holder or an authorized content.
  • The sprint account should be activated for at least 90 days.
  • The device should not have reported as lost or stolen.

If you meet all the criteria as mentioned above, then you can contact the Sprint customer care, and request for the Domestic Sim unlock if you’re using for domestic purpose or a Sprint worldwide care if you are using it for an international purpose. However, you’re not eligible for the unlock by the carrier; then you have to request for an IMEI unlock. The working of it is the same as the one’s for the carrier unlock and it is permanent. The procedure works for all the versions of ios. The main advantage of this is, it does not require the option of jailbreaking.

Once it is unlocked

Once it is unlocked, the carrier will usually walk you through the process of what should be done next. Here are the brief steps:

  • Turn off your iPhone
  • Remove the SIM card from the phone
  • Insert the new sim card which is from the different carrier
  • Restart your iPhone
  • You’ll get on-screen instructions, which will guide you to the finish line. Follow the steps to complete the process.

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