How Airline Technology and APIs Have Evolved Over the Years?

The airlines are committed to providing the best services to their customers, therefore, they keep making several changes to their system to make it more comfortable for the passengers. The airline companies have learned a lot from their past mistakes and they are trying their best to provide a safe and secure ride to the passengers so that the passengers may use those airlines.

The competition in this industry is very tough, therefore, all the companies are trying to beat the others by introducing some unique features. In this regular struggle, some airline companies have come up with several changes that have helped in making all the airlines safe, secure and more efficient. In today’s article, we are going to talk about several changes that are made to the Airline technology and we will also discuss the past situation of the airlines.

This will help you understand that how the airlines have become more effective in today’s world as compared to the past. Here is some important information on how airline technology and airlines API have evolved over the years.


The flights were very boring in the beginning and the passengers used to get tired while traveling to a distant country. However, the administration of the airlines realized this need of the people and they applied several changes to the airlines to make the journey more entertaining for the passengers.

First of all, they introduced the LED system where LEDs were installed on the back of the seat so that passenger can watch their favorite videos or listen to the music. The technique became very successful but now the demand of people has increased and now they want something even more entertaining. So, the top airlines have now introduced the WiFi technology that passengers can use to contact their loved ones.


The mood lighting is the incredible technology that was introduced in the airlines to provide extreme comfort to the passengers. It was specifically designed to affect the mood of passengers.  Most of the passengers take the flight to travel long distances. In this situation, their health gets disturbed as their mind cannot adjust itself according to the environment.

The mood lighting is the technology that uses different kinds of lights to change the mood of the passengers. For example, in order to make the passenger feel relaxed during the breakfast, the airlines use the bright and warm lights so that their mind may realize that it’s morning.

Similarly, they use the dim light at the night to make them feel relaxed and sleepy. Thus, the passengers can enjoy a comfortable sleep when they are on the plane.

The radar technology

The radar technology is designed for the safety of the customers but customers do not use this technology because this technology provides direction to the pilots so that they can fly the plane in the perfect direction.