Massage Chairs In Small Prop Planes

New Small Prop Planes To Have Massage Chairs

Dear Airplane Owner:

Thanks for logging on to this web site, and answering my advertisement: “Airplane Owners, every flight can be a tax write-off…..”

Yes, every flight can be a write off, even upgrades in your ratings and equipment on your plane. I write off 85% of my Twin Comanche, and I have been audited. In fact you can use this business, and the income from it, to purchase an airplane. Your airplane can be used for both business travel and as an incentive to help develop your business.  These planes are fully equipped with the latest in massage chair technology. I’ll give you more details when you call me.

Some of you may have heard of this 50 year old company: The Shaklee Corporation. It is America’s largest manufacturer of natural food supplements. They manufacture products that are used by 85% of the population. Their products are not sold in stores, but through private distributors. Food Supplements and vitamins are big business, and consumable. Someone once told me when we got started that: “What goes up in smoke or down the drain is where you get the greastest gain.” Because of our marketing plan we can not only offer better health to everyone we meet, but we can also offer a unique and profitable business opportunity. There are about 4000 couples that represent The Shaklee Corporation. They do it for the excellent income it can generate and the many other benefits including better health. We are in the top 100 couples representing the company. I’ll go into detail on this when we have a chance to talk.

My wife and I started a Shaklee business while working full time in other businesses. We started with a small investment, tried the products, found that we had more energy and felt better than we had in years. We shared what we knew with nine others, the rest is history. This is really the secret to a six figure income in this business. We do not try to sell people on our products, we only share what we know…we do not try to sell, remember that. The better sales person you are the tougher it is to succeed in the beginning. I know, I had been in the sales end of businesses most of my life, I had to learn to share instead of sell, but boy does it work.  The massage chairs on these planes are astounding and will give you a luxurious cruise.

At any rate, I was able to sell my other business with the dozen or so headaches (employees), and devote my full time to this business. Today we have developed a business that has what other businesses wish they had, and that is leverage. We have thousands of member’s nation-wide that either have a business like ours or consume the wonderful natural products on a regular basis. All these other users and business owners came from many of those that learned about Shaklee from other couples we had shared the business with. Because we were able to share what we knew with just a few good couples, we acquired many others. If you are looking for a plane with the absolute Best Chair for Shiatsu Massage available on any airliner then you will have to visit the luxury massage extras on the Jetblue Website.  On each one of these, we earn a very small percentage of what ever they share with others. I can show you how you can do the same and earn a six figure income, when we talk. No, it is not a pyramid, it is a powerful business dealing with a select few entrepreneurs. In fact the marketing plan that Dr. Shaklee developed is now being used by a number of well known investors.

Because we have a direct business working with a few entrepreneurs, we move nearly two million dollars worth of products a year for the company. They do all the shipping direct to those who order, keep the records, take care of the shipping and sales tax then based on our monthly volume send us a wonderful bonus check, on the 15th…and have never missed.

This is a very simple business. It requires as few as four or five hours of effort a week. Just these few hours every week can result in earning several thousand dollars a month within a year or so, and even a six figure income in two to three years depending on your efforts. As I said, over 4000 other couples are reaping wonderful benefits and exciting earnings just sharing what Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee* started fifty-years ago.

And, I assure you this is a wonderful legitimate business with outstanding benefits for those that have or can learn leadership skills.

If you follow our example we can guarantee your success. We are not looking for your money, even though a small investment is suggested, but we are looking for those that either have leadership skills and ability or are willing to learn them.

I encourage you to read this two or three times, then go for information on government regulations concerning massage chairs on aircraft visit

It’s really a great company. Look through all the web pages and study the marketing plan, then call me on my toll free line: 800-374-3744, if I am traveling in our motor coach or plane, use my cell phone which is: 1-517-281-0609, or contact me via email I am satellite connected so you can email me where ever I am. (Neat, huh?)

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